Monthly BBQ

Our Monthly BBQ will be held on Monday the 19th February.
BBQ 11.30am
Price of BBQ still $5.
Location: rear 109 Birdwood Avenue, Umina Beach NSW 2257.


Master chefs

Our Chefs rule the shed scene

ABC Scott Levi 92.5 Morning Presenter

Our outing to Cockatoo Island

Attached are a few taken during an outing to Cockatoo Island by our Shed members. The weather was kind, the harbour was calm and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Our guide on the Island (Joy) did an outstanding job explaining the Islands history and some of antics the early administrators got up to. Cockatoo Island is not place one would go to by choice. It was on a par with Norfolk Island in terms of treatment of prisoners.



Ettalong Beach Arts and Crafts Exhibition held on 15 Nov

The Umina Beach Men's Shed was invited to have a display stand at the Exhibition.
Business Cards and Pamphlets were in such high demand the printer had to be fired up again mid-morning.
A very successful and worthwhile exercise to promote the work of the Men's Shed as an organisation.

Coolangatta Gold race

Mick Magurren a member of the Umina Beach Surf Club, competed on the Coolangatta Gold race in the 30 to 35 age group on 1 November 2014. Out of a field of 24, Mick through shear determination and a lot of guts fought through the pain barrier to came in at Second place.
"Mick as a local, was aware of the good community work the Umina Beach Men's Shed has done, decided to take on the responsibility of organising and running a fund raising night at the Umina Beach Surf Club. Mick undertook this task for the benefit of our Men's Shed and the community we serve."
On Monday 24 November Mick at a small ceremony at the Shed presented $960 to fulfil his earlier promise and commitment. The Committee and Members are extremely grateful to Mick for his generous donation which will allow the Shed to continue its work within the community. .

Benefit night for the Shed

Attached is a picture of Bill Wood (representing UBMS) and Mick Magurren - Umina Beach Surf Club representative for the Coolangatta Gold Iron Man Competition.
Mick being aware of the community work the Shed does organised a benefit night held on 18th October 2014 at the Umina Beach Surf Club.
All the proceeds of the benefit night will be donated to to the Shed.

The Shed extends its thanks to Mick and the Umina Beach Surf Club for their support. .


Umina Bunnings BBQ

The Shed was recently invited by Bunnings Umina to conduct a BBQ at their Umina Beach Store on Sunday 14 Sept between 9.0 am & 4.00pm. The customers managed to eat their way through 20 Kg of sausages 19 loaves of bread many kilos of onions and a heap soft drink. The weather was a perfect sunny day and people were carrying out loads of gardening materials and needed food to sustain and continue their activities when they arrived home.


Ettalong Beach Diggers Club Club

The "Ettalong Beach Diggers Club Club Grants presentation 22nd August 2014"

Charlie's 94th Birthday

It was Charlie's Birthday celebrations at the Shed this morning (11-Aug14).
The food was kindly provided by Charlie's daughter (Deb) and (John) son-in law from the Umina Mall Cake Shop.
This was their present to Charlie.
This was a very successful morning tea at the Shed.
Happy birthday Charlie

sponsor sponsor
Woy Woy Rugby Union

These are some photos of an order for Woy Woy Rugby Union.
We made Blind Auction boxes and also include a picture of the presentation.

sponsor sponsor
Rugby Club Presentation

A photo of the presentation at the shed for a cheque for $2750, provided by the Rugby club as a result of a fund raiser they held this year.
They have also agreed sponsor the Shed again next year which is good news.

sponsor sponsor
Brian is still not off his rocker

Brian walked up Len Street this morning to get some steel dumped on the side of the road and came back riding this horse.
We cannot prize Brian off it at present.


Umina Beach December 2013 BBQ

The Annual BBQ was well attended by members and wives, as the pictures below tell the story.
Thanks to the Sheds Bill's and Doug.

bbq bbq

At the AGM the President recognised the contributions of our sponsors and members who have given an outstanding contribution to the shed.
One such member was Bill Graham who is pictured here with his award, well done Bill
time time

The Ettalong Bowling Club and the Everglades Country Club's Presentations

The Ettalong Bowling Club and the Everglades Country Club presented cheques to the Men's Shed for a new media computer, which will be used to teach members and community seniors how to operate media programs.
(Thanks goes to the Ettalong Bowling Club and the Everglades Country Club, Woy Woy for their kind donations.)

present present

Charlie is 93

Charlie shared his 93rd birthday with members of his Men's Shed, we decided against putting 93 candles on his cake, as we may have had to put the firebrigade on high alert.
Well done Charlie from all of us here at the men's shed.

charlie charlie

Umina Beach vs Gosford Men's Shed

The results of a recent competition between the sheds ,found Umina Beach winning at Snooker and Gosford winning at the Darts, so this made the competition a draw.
Bill Stedman is seen drinking from the cup presented for winning Snooker.
Well done to all those members that attended, after members sobbered up it was considered a good event and worth having again.
(Thanks also goes to the Gosford Men's Shed where these pictures were retrieved.)

bbq bbq
bbq bbq

The Sound of Music ?

Vince brought in his old Italian bag pipes to show and entertain shed members.
The air bag is made from one goats skin.

Vince may have climbed every mountain to get the goat but I think Julie Andrews is safe from being replaced.

Bonanza Book Fair

We would like to thank all members who supported this event held on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June, the event had a great collection of books across a great range of categories - novels - humour-business-cookery-health-entertainment-childrens'-hobbies-travel-education etc.
Supported by the Rotary Club of Woy Woy .

1st Anniversary BBQ.

The anniversary BBQ celebrating our first year in operation was another social success , with members and sponsors being able to see what has been achieved in our first year with many community achievements and growing membership base the future looks great.

bbq bbq
bbq bbq

Umina Beach School - ANZAC day

The Umina Beach Men's Shed supplied the Umina Beach Primary School with the letters that make up Anzac for their parade through Woy Woy's main street on ANZAC Day.
We were proud to help in this event.

anzac anzac